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Website Design and development

If you are interested in a new web site or an upgrade to a more effective and innovative web site, STS can help you.  If you are interested in a complete turn-key web site that sell products on the Internet, STS can help you.

What you need to know

1) You must have a domain name and an extension. Once you decide on a domain name, see if it is available.  Click on the button below and search - recommend a short as possible with content in name eg. paintings, mypaintings, 4salepaintings, custompaintings etc.  finding a unique domain name is going to be difficult.  You will never own the domain, but you can rent it as long as you pay for it. 2) Next is to find a hosting service, a place to host all of your pages, graphics, photos and files. 3) You must have access to the internet with a computer (requirement) - a phone is a phone, a tablet is better, but a computer is a must, during the development stage of your site.  If STS builds your site we will be communicating a lot!  Email is also a must to be able to communicate with the developer and send information on what you want your site to say (text descriptions of pages) 4) A caution about using canned web sites DON’T. 5) For questions and additional information send us an email  In the meantime take a look a a video I’ve prepared for you on some basic themes & see if any spark your interest.                  
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